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Jason Allen Actor

A Charismatic leading man with experience in Film, TV, Theatre and Musical Theatre.

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The Investigator ITV1 


Halloween Jack 3D Coming soon  2022.


The Investigator is fronted by Mark Williams-Thomas, who re-examines the murder of Carole Packman. Her body has never been found after she disappeared 30 years ago.


Russell Causley:   Rick Warden

Carole Packman: Tanya Winsor

Patricia Causley:  Frances Millar

Sam Gillinham:    Alice Harding

DC Paul Donnell: Jason Allen

Jason Allen_Sep18-99[26518]_1cropped_ret
. The Lost World of Joseph Banks

A short film detailing the life of the famous 18th century Botanist Joseph Banks. Jason Allen plays the Heroic Captain Matthew Flinders.

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